Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist    

Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor    

EMDR Certified Therapist





I work with clients in a one to one setting to explore concerns and to work toward a better understanding and resolution of their challenges and needs. Individual therapy sessions are typically held once a week, but can be held more or less often when appropriate.



I am committed to helping couples work through problems they might be having in their relationships. Married and unmarried couples are welcome, as well as people in traditional and non-traditional relationships.  Some goals that couples may have include:  Building a solid base of connection,  strengthening positive communication, decreasing ineffective communication, developing shared meaning in living life together and developing skills in productive conversation in working out differences and injuries.


Divorce is a challenging time for many. I support and guide individuals, couples and families through the divorce process.   I help to create a new path forward toward fulfilling possibilities.



My family systems perspective informs my approach with working with families.  I view the family as an emotional unit and the individuals are inseparable from their network of relations in this system.  Identifying and expressing individual needs is a cornerstone for the family to function optimally. Families change in order to meet changing needs of its members.  Family systems are sandwiched between the ever-changing macro systems of society and micro systems of its individual members.  Members are continually growing and transitioning (biologically, emotionally and socially) therefore personal needs are constantly changing and the family system evolves to accommodate these new needs. The family system is continually readjusting and finding a new balance and space to accommodate these types of ‘new growth’ in its members and also shifting society.  All of this changing can be confusing and stressful on the family system. 

I help families to a place of balance and healing. I help individuals increase their abilities to express their needs, set shared goals and help the family identify strengths that can be built on.



Trauma is often the result of a severely distressing event and an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one's ability to cope or integrate the emotions involved with that experience. Symptoms of trauma and emotional distress can result from a disturbing event.  Trauma symptoms are a sign that the brain needs attention.  Trauma can result in insomnia or nightmares, hypervigilence, flashbacks, anxiety, uncontrollable thoughts about the event, intrusive memories or dissociative reactions. Other symptoms could be irritability, persistent negative beliefs about oneself or the world, diminished interest in past enjoyable activities, self-destructive behaviors, problems concentrating or feeling alienated from others.  Trauma symptoms are a reminder that we need resolution.   Using EMDR, I help clients reprocess distressing experiences whether they are 'T' traumas or 't' traumas. I use EMDR to help clients recover from traumatic, disturbing and shame-based memories. 

Substance Use      


As a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, I help clients uncover their hidden potential, recognize their strengths, tap into past successes, and work towards wonderful new possibilities and opportunities through sobriety. Recovery from drugs and alcohol can be one of the most challenging yet vital and life-saving endeavors a person can undertake. I help clients remain hopeful during arduous self-exploration and self-realization by providing compassionate guidance.I help clients find the motivation to change their unsatisfying patterns by empowering them to identify, express and prioritize needs and to stay focused on their goals.  While working side-by-side with them, I aid clients in identifying the proper level of care they need and utilize my extensive knowledge of treatment resources to provide them with available options.  The insidious, progressive and chronic disease of addiction impacts the whole family and often the whole family needs care and support to help with the healing process.

Many times family members will begin to mirror the symptoms of their loved one struggling with the addiction.  I provide support while helping family members to navigate the often confusing and frustrating world of treatment options.

Helpful links for Family & Friends impacted by addiction:

   _______________________ ( For family members of ones struggling with addiction.

Nar-anon ( For family members of ones struggling with addiction.

Gam-anon ( For family members of ones who have problem gambling. ( For individuals struggling with co-dependency. ( For adult children of parents struggled with addiction.