Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist    

Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor    

EMDR Certified Therapist



Considering Therapy?

There are lots of reasons a person might seek therapy or counseling...they may want to feel better about themselves or about their relationships with others.  Some specific reasons might be:

Depression, stress, anger or anxiety         Natural life transitions like raising adolescents and launching young adults        Unexpected life events like a health crisis or trauma      Alcohol or other drug issues         Relationships with family and friends      Concerns about aging parents or adult children      Co-parenting or divorce        Intimate partner violence      Loss of a loved one or a pet     Miscarriage or abortion       Eating and sleeping issues      Loneliness and shyness         Self-esteem, self-confidence or self-sabotaging concerns      Career and life transitions like job loss or dissatisfaction     Marriage or re-marriage      Desire for increased personal growth, satisfaction and insight      Academic challenges

Sometimes people come to therapy or counseling with vague or undefined issues...just a sense or feeling that things are not quite right.  And that's ok, too.  A therapist can offer support, guidance and clarity.  Pain in life is inevitable at times and is often a sign that there is a wound that needs tending.  Finding and tending to the wound effectively often involves making a change. Change can be stressful and scary however, it is also a time of great opportunity to create something new and fulfilling.